Exploring the southern extremes of South America

Exploring the southern extremes of South America

From Australia to central America tours or South America tours you must have heard to travel to the most famous parts and cities during South America holidays. But what is exciting about this travel is to visit the far most islands and areas around the brinks or the extreme southern parts of the region.

It is because when you go to the extreme south like the coastal regions of the Patagonia trails you will experience the chilling areas of the chile, and also the vast variety of habitats and vegetations that definitely provides and attractive location for the visitors. After experiencing the hot climatic regions during the central American tours or the central America travel you will definitely enjoy the opposite atmosphere as you go down for the Antarctica travel.

During the South American tours, you can visit the Galapagos Islands through Galapagos cruise and ships. These islands are located at the extreme end of the South America. Also visiting and going for Machu Picchu tours could be a great and exciting adventure while visiting the extreme southern areas.

Talking about the extremities, we cannot miss the Antarctic region. While travelling along the chile and Patagonia trails you can pick your travel to the Antarctica cruises to visit the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, the elephant island and then the Antarctic peninsula. All these little islands offer wonderous scenes to enjoy and make your holiday season even more wonderful.

Lying to the north of cape horn you can see the Isla Novereno which has been declared to be the southern most area of the world and has a unique habitat with eye catching scenes and sea passages around it.

Also you can visit Islands like Cagarras Islands that lies in the Rio dejenario and is located about 5 kilometers from Ipanema beach. It is wild, non populated and very natural to give you the best jungle experience near the festive Rio city.

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